The Affordability Task Force and NCPIRG partnered to produce a Textbook Affordability Pledge to help support Carolina’s mission to remain affordable in all facets.

The pledge can be found here. You can also sign the online pledge below!

Further, below are some suggested tips to reduce the cost of course materials for students:

  • Consult with UNC subject librarians or the Library’s Reserves unit to help identify appropriate materials to place on reserves for students to access in print or online. These staff can identify materials faculty and students can access through the Library’s website. Faculty may also place their own texts on reserve. Contact Noah Savage (, Supervisor of Reserves Processing at UNC Libraries, for more information on this process. Also contact Jacqueline Solis (, Director of Research and Instructional Services for UNC Libraries, for assistance with OER materials.

  • Research alternatives to currently used textbooks, including the vast number of open educational resources (OER) available at sites such as, the Open Textbook Library, our local Carolina Digital Repository, and Visit for information on grant opportunities for professors switching to OER. Professors who create/utilize OER are eligible for stipends ranging from $500 to $1500. Contact Bradley Hemminger (, Chair of the Carolina Open Educational Resources Committee, for more information.

  • Evaluate options available at This is UNC’s database of online scholarly resources. Many textbooks and articles already required for classes at UNC are available here for free.

  • Assess the need for individual texts. If a certain textbook is utilized by a small number of students seeking further study or help, consider making the textbook optional.

  • Communicate with students on their textbook needs prior to the start of the semester. This could allow students adequate time to determine how to fulfill their textbook needs in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • Share your knowledge of course pack options. Some course packs include the course textbook with the access code. Let students know about these options so they can best meet their needs.

  • Work with students who face difficult financial circumstances. Consider ways to meet textbook needs for these students with little to no cost.

Affordability Textbook Pledge

    The pledge can be found here: