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External Appointments FAQ

What are they? External appointments are reserved seats for undergraduate students on various advisory boards and committees on campus. Student members are appointed by the Student Body President and are expected to regularly attend meetings as set by the Chair. Each board/committee specializes in a specific policy area or in an advisory capacity to an Administrator. The membership of these boards/committees is made up of graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, and other relevant people.
When do they meet? The frequency of meetings depends on the schedule set by the board/committee. Some meet as frequently as once a month some meet as little as three times a year. All external appointees are responsible for staying up to date on any relevant information between meetings and arrive prepared to offer their insight as representatives of the undergraduate student body.
Am I qualified? Definitely. When applying, read through the descriptions of each appointment and identify a policy area that looks interesting to you. The best candidates will be passionate about the work being done by their committee/board.
Is there anything else I have to do? External Appointees are expected to complete brief monthly reports to the Undergraduate Student Body Vice President that summarize any policy initiatives or committee projects. The Undergraduate VP and her team will maintain regular communication with all EA’s and provide support throughout the year.
How do I apply? Apply through the UNC Exec Heel Life at this link.
More questions? Contact the Undergraduate Vice President at: