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The Department of Civic Engagement and Outreach Services is dedicated to offering the Undergraduate Student Body nuanced ways to engage in public service and to build impactful relationships with UNC alumni. We believe that there are plenty of opportunities to serve on campus and in the greater Chapel Hill community, so we want to encourage students of all backgrounds to join this effort in making transformational change.

The department’s priorities include:

  1. Host Voter Registration Drives to Prepare for Local Election Season – For this initiative, CE&OS will host a series of voter registration drives on campus and in the Carolina community at large.  We will use nuanced strategies to engage more voters so that they can be equipped and encouraged to make their voices heard in every election. 
  2. Launch a Student Voices Forum – For this project, CE&OS will establish a platform that engages and centers students’ voices and addresses how Carolina can better serve them.  This creates a safe space where students can voice their concerns and become their own advocates. By making it completely virtual through QR codes around campus, the Student Voices Forum is accessible to all students.
  3. Build Sustainable Alumni Networks – CE&OS will partner with Student Alumni Association, General Alumni Association, and Black Alumni Reunion to coordinate nuanced events that will engage disconnected alumni and provide robust networking spaces for the student body. 
  4. Provide Action-Based Opportunities for Students to Serve in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Community – One Saturday each month, CE&OS will partner with community-facing organizations like Compost Mates, Girls and Boys Club, and Habitat for Humanity, etc. and give students the opportunity to serve their community directly in a hands-on way.  
  5. Host a Service-Oriented Residence Hall Competition – For this large-scale service project, CE&OS will partner with the Residence Hall Association and Carolina Housing to create a competition among every residence hall on campus that has a service initiative. This will give a considerable amount of students the opportunity to serve their community in an impactful capacity.

Meetings of the Department of Civic Engagement and Outreach Services are held on Mondays from 5-6 PM in the Student Government Suite.

Barbara Joy “BJ” Tillman (she/her)

Director of the Department of Civic Engagement and Outreach Services ||

BJ is a junior majoring in public policy with a minor in conflict management. She served as Co-Director of Civic Engagement and Outreach Services for the 2022-2023 Vann Administration, is a North Carolina Fellow, and the founder of the nonprofit, Your Voice, Your Vote serving thousands of young voters across the Southeast and North Carolina.