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The Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Richards Administration aims to make Carolina a more inclusive and representative environment for students of minority groups on campus. The department hopes to collaborate with minority-serving organizations to advocate for student needs and promote equitable representation and policies within student-facing services.

Meetings of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are held weekly on Tuesdays from 6:15-7:15 pm in Greenlaw 104.

For all DEI-related inquiries, please email


Department Initiatives for the Richards Administration

Basic Needs and Affordability – DEI is striving to address rising and increasingly unaffordable costs of lectures, labs, and other academic supplies. They are working to establish an aid fund to monetarily support students in need so that they can access their necessary course materials.

Campus Accessibility and Disability Services – DEI aims to make Carolina’s campus accessible for all students and uplift the needs of those on campus with disabilities. They are creating a guide of accessibility rankings for all spaces on campus to supply students with information on what buildings they can utilize.

Interfaith and Religion – DEI aims to increase collaboration among various faith-based organizations and advocate for the needs of minority religious groups in University policies. They are working with the University administration to ensure that all academic calendars are inclusive surrounding religious holidays and that the religious excuse forms be made more accessible.

International Students and Immigrant Support – DEI aims to include and represent the voices of International, undocumented, and immigrant students in policy and decision-making spaces at UNC in order to increase the support provided for these groups. They are working with University administration and student organizations to design a welcoming event for incoming first-year international students and provide academic, professional, and social support to international and immigrant students throughout the year to facilitate their integration.

Racial Equity and Inclusion – DEI aims to foster a space of collaboration among student groups that serve marginalized communities, as well as advocate for the representation of racial minorities in decision-making spaces and equitable university policies. They plan to host monthly forums with the leaders of minority-based student organizations on campus to act as a space of inter-group collaboration and give informed opinions on the policies being created by the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Sexuality and Gender Inclusion – DEI hopes to bring more resources to LGBTQ advocacy groups and student organizations to better represent the needs of students, uplifting the voices of LGBTQ-identifying students. They are working with the UNC Development office to secure designated and comprehensive funding that is comparable to the LGBTQ Centers at peer institutions.

Anu Joy (she/her)

Director of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ||

Anu is a senior from Morrisville, NC, double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy with a minor in Education. Anu is extremely passionate about equity in education policy, focusing on achieving racial and socioeconomic equity in the educational realm. On campus, she is involved in Tar Heel Outreach Program as the Volunteers and Tours Chair and serves as Co-Captain of UNC Ek Taal—UNC’s nationally competitive Indian Classical dance team. She has been involved in the Executive Branch of Undergraduate Student Government for the past two years as a member of the Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Outreach Committee.

Assistant Directors

Salena Braye-Bulls (she/her)

Assistant Director of Basic Needs and Affordability ||

Salena Braye-Bulls is a junior from Tuskegee, Alabama majoring in Public Policy and Geography, and minoring in African, African-American, and Diaspora Studies. Salena is a staff writer for BSM’s Black Ink Magazine, the Political Activism Committee Chair for UNC’s NAACP Chapter, and a Will Fellow through Honors Carolina.


Austin Tyner (she/her)

Assistant Director of Campus Accessibility and Disability Services ||

Austin is a senior from Richmond, Virginia majoring in English and Comparative Literature with a concentration in Social Justice & Literature. She is a self-advocate and one of the Co-Chairs of the Disability Advocacy Committee through Campus Y.

Abigail Adams (she/her)

Assistant Director of Interfaith and Religion ||

Abigail is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC, majoring in Political Science. On-campus, she is involved in UNC Hillel as Education Chair, UNC Institute of Politics as a member of the Communications Team, her Jewish-interest sorority Sigma Rho Lambda as the Multicultural Greek Council Representative, and as President of Heels for Israel. 

Kenza Slaoui (she/her)

Assistant Director of International Students and Immigrant Support ||

Kenza is a sophomore from Fez, Morocco majoring in Statistics and Analytics and minoring in Public Policy. On-campus, she is involved with Campus Y and is currently serving as its Director of Finance.

Righteous Keitt (he/him)

Assistant Director of Research and Innovation ||

Righteous Keitt is a junior from Charlotte, NC, double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. He previously served as a policy advisor in the Lamar Richards campaign for Student Body President and now serves as the Assistant Director of Racial Equity and Inclusion in the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Nikalus Ward (he/him)

Assistant Director of Sexuality and Gender Inclusion ||

Nikalus Ward is a junior from Marion, North Carolina, majoring in Environmental Sciences with a Sustainability Track. He served as an Executive Assistant in the Chief of Staff’s Office his first two years at Carolina.