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The Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aims to create a new level of understanding of the implications of DEI, as it should be recognized as a holistic and progressive approach towards a better Carolina for all. We aim to increase visibility and representation for all students and organizations on campus, emphasizing the importance of an equal and fair community, through our programs and initiatives.

The department’s priorities include:

  1. Affirmative Action – Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling on Affirmative Action, we will take an immediate initiative to work with UNC leadership to understand the implications of this decision to ensure fair representation for all students. This is a priority of our office to maintain students’ well-being and safety on campus.
  2. Ensuring Physical Spaces on Campus for Minority Organizations – It is of utmost importance that minority students and organizations have a safe physical space for congregation, hence our office aims to work with those organizations to do this. For example, we aim to reinstate and expand BSM’s control over the Upendo Lounge.
  3. Adding Chosen Names to One Cards – Our department understands that some students may not identify with their legal names as displayed on One Cards, hence we will aim to allow students to choose their names to display, and hope to work with the LGBTQ+ Center for this.
  4. Expanding Career and Academic Opportunities for Minorities and Students of Color – Our department will aim to increase academic and career opportunities for minorities and students of color, as we understand there may be obstacles and difficulties that may hinder academic success. We wish to work with Career Services for this.
  5. Expanding Food Resources on Campus – Our department is aware that there is food insecurity on campus, such as in South Campus, and many students do not have the option of buying groceries off- campus. We aim to do this by increasing and expanding options at several locations, such as Ram’s Head Market.

Meetings of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are on Wednesdays from 6:15-7:00, currently on Zoom. Please reach out to the co-directors below to join.


Cecilia Derlon (she/her)

Co-Director of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ||

Cecilia is a junior majoring in political science with a minor in media and journalism. She is involved on campus as a research assistant in the political science department and currently serves as treasurer for UNC Young Democrats.

Krystal Lacayo (she/her)

Co-Director of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ||

Krystal is a junior studying Environmental Studies on the Sustainability Track with a minor in Urban Planning. She is involved on campus as a Sean Douglas Leadership Fellow at the Sonya Haynes Stone Center for Black Arts and Culture and is the outreach coordinator for South of the Hill.