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Meet Anu

Anu Joy (she/her/hers),

Anu Joy serves as the Director of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on the Cabinet of the Richards Administration.

Anu is a senior from Morrisville, NC, double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy with a minor in Education. Anu is extremely passionate about equity in education policy, focusing on achieving racial and socioeconomic equity in the educational realm. On campus, she is involved in Tar Heel Outreach Program as the Volunteers and Tours Chair and serves as Co-Captain of UNC Ek Taal—UNC’s nationally competitive Indian Classical dance team. She has been involved in the Executive Branch of Undergraduate Student Government for the past two years as a member of the Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Outreach Committee.
Anu’s goals for the upcoming year center around working towards making Carolina a more inclusive and representative environment for students of minority groups on campus. She hopes to collaborate with minority-serving organizations to advocate for student needs and promote equitable representation and policies within student-facing services.