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The Department of Environmental Affairs leads the Executive Branch’s strategic work centering around environmental projects and policies affecting the student body and the wider campus community. Departmental Co-Directors will carry out the strategic efforts of the department in accordance with the Administration’s platform. They are also responsible for managing administrator-student and student organization relations, and determining whether change is needed to further our renewable energy transition and Three Zeroes goals.

Meetings of the Department of Environmental Affairs are currently not being held during the summer. When regular meeting times for the school year are decided, meeting times and places will be posted here.

For all Environmental Affairs, please email Co-Director Feathers ( or Co-Director Crawford (


Ella Feathers (she/her)

Co-Director of the Department of Environmental Affairs ||

Ella is a Junior from Lake Oswego, OR, in the Environmental Science Communication program pursuing her Bachelors degrees in Environmental Studies and Economics and Masters degree in Journalism. On-campus, she is a part of Women in Economics and Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee, and serves as the student representative to the Chapel Hill Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board. Off-campus, she has a New York-based internship focused on women’s empowerment through business and entrepreneurship, and recently concluded an internship focused on youth economic empowerment where she spent two weeks in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Jacob Crawford (he/him)

Co-Director of the Department of Environmental Affairs ||

Jacob is a Junior from Morganton, NC double majoring in Environmental Studies and Business Administration. In addition to serving as Co-Director of the Department of Environmental Affairs, he occupies executive roles at CompostMates at Carolina, Chapel Thrill Escapes, and Build The Hill. Jacob is extremely passionate about environmental conservation and intends to pursue a career in corporate sustainability after graduation.



Department Initiatives for the Vann Administration

Information Access – The EA Department strives to make information about UNC sustainability initiatives and progress easily available to all students by creating a comprehensive campus sustainability website.

Increased Engagement – We plan to engage students of all backgrounds with environmental affairs and sustainability efforts on campus, and increase engagement between student government and environmental and/or sustainability-related student organizations.

Expand Composting Efforts – We intend to grow UNC’s composting infrastructure and participant base through collaboration with existing campus environmental organizations such as CompostMates at Carolina.

Waste Reduction with CDS – In collaboration with CDS, we plan to improve recycling and composting practices in campus dining halls.

Clean Energy – In collaboration with the UNC Administration and energy-focused student organizations, we strive to make UNC’s energy generation methods cleaner, and promote and communicate large and small-scale projects.

Inclusive Sustainability – The EA Department plans to collaborate with other Cabinet departments and student organizations to promote equity and inclusion in environmental and sustainability-focused conversations about campus policy.