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Committee Description

Our voices are strongest when we are mobilized and engaged together. The next Student Body President will serve during a critical presidential election, but must also recognize the importance of local and state offices as well. In order to drive change at all levels, it is essential that student voters are informed and engaged in the political process. The Moseley Administration will work to ensure that students are not only registered to vote, but also feel prepared to do so.

Committee Co-Chairs: 

  • Max Lewin,
  • Claire Hutto,

Committee Projects for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Residence Hall Voter Registration – We plan to register students in the residence halls once they arrive at campus. We are partnering with other organizations across campus, and dropping off registration forms at every residence hall room with an attached sheet explaining the voter registration process. This project will help to spread awareness about voting at UNC and register voters right when they arrive at UNC.

Establishing Voter Registration Video – We plan to create a voter registration video to train students how to register voters on campus. There are many people that aren’t properly trained to register voters, so we will work with the Board of Elections to create a video that will train students for this process.

Commit to Vote Campaign – We will initiate a commit to vote campaign on campus. We will create a Remind 101 once we register voters that will help remind students when elections are happening and where they are supposed to vote.

Racial Justice Alliance – We will raise awareness of systemic racial injustices in North Carolina by creating a Racial Justice Alliance that will discuss issues such as school segregation, gentrification, and gerrymandering. This alliance will foster dialogue between UNC students and the Chapel Hill community to create change in a historically unjust system. We also aim to establish student representation on the Commission of History, Race, and a Way Forward

Organizing Voter Registration Efforts Across Campus – We plan to organize UNC’s voter registration efforts prior to the 2020 election. Voter registration efforts at UNC are currently inefficient and convoluted as multiple organizations compete for space and time to register voters. We hope to strengthen the voter registration coalition by allotting specific times for each organization to register voters. We will create a voter registration curriculum for future student orientation programs which will begin in 2021.

Hosting voter 101 sessions and creating policy videos – We plan to help spread awareness on voting and different policies to students at UNC. We will host various voter 101 sessions and policy videos in order to help spread awareness across campus.