Committee Description

The Martin Administration will continue to educate the public on the growing epidemic of climate change. Environmental Affairs will do so by hosting educational forums, advocating for the use of more sustainable practices on campus and engaging in environmental activism. The Administration understands the gravity of issues associated with the environment, and will work to ensure UNC operates in a way that is harmless to the environment while supporting campus initiatives and policy.

Committee Goals for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

  • Continue to support the Three Zeroes Initiative by partnering with campus organizations and creating environmentally friendly coalitions
  • Support Low-Impact Development (LID) projects on campus
  • Create a sub-committee to support student climate change refugees and disaster relief
  • Advocate for the use of plastic bag alternatives campus wide
  • Shed light on the use of the $4 renewable energy fee that all students are required to pay
  • Partner with the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (RESPC) to highlight their work
  • Change the culture of Greek Life to incorporate more sustainable practices
  • Increase access to fresh food across campus by partnering with groups across campus
  • Promote the use of UNC’s bike share programs through education and advocacy

Meet Cassie.

Cassie Drury,

Cassie serves as one of the Environmental Affairs Committee co-chairs for the Undergraduate Executive Branch.

Cassie is a junior pursuing a major in Biomedical and Health Science Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience. In addition to student government, she works with Girls Engineering Change, a volunteer organization that mentors elementary school girls in an attempt to empower young women to go into STEM majors/careers. A lot of her time is spent working in the Allbritton Microdevices Lab doing undergraduate research on novel ways to isolate and characterize single cells. The previous summer she led backpacking trips in the North East and Nova Scotia for Overland, an outdoor company that runs trips for students 8 -18 year olds. Cassie loves all things outside whether it’s kayaking, hiking, or cycling. She has served on the Environmental Affairs Committee for the past two years and is excited to now be the Co-Chair.

Meet Sage.

Sage Turek,

Sage serves as Environmental Affairs Committee co-chair for the Undergraduate Executive Branch.

Sage is a junior and studies Geology and Global Studies. She worked last semester in a lab studying theoretical geophysics. She spends the rest of her time playing with the UNC Symphony Orchestra, teaching music lessons through Musical Empowerment, baking with the Sonder Market, and spending time with her friends. She is currently working on learning the piano and loves cleaning. She has served on student government for the past two years on EAC and is very excited to be leading it this year!


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