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The Department of Communications in the Taylor Administration aims to provide transparency to the Student Body by effectively communicating policy strategy, event implementation, and the voices of the student body through the use of media including but not limited to social media, press statements, press conferences, and websites.

The department’s priorities include:

  1. Increase engagement on all platforms – TikTok, Instagram, and Website
  2. Increase the number of Press Releases to at least 2-3 a month
  3. Provide more photography/videography coverage at Cabinet Events and exec events
  4. Build partnerships with Cabinet Departments in order to be inclusive of all of the Taylor Administration
  5. Research and work with the Department of State and External Affairs to stay updated on issues affecting our communities

Meetings of the Office of the Undergraduate Secretary and Department of Communications shift every week; if you’re interested in joining, please email Jakob  at the email below.

For all Executive Branch communications inquiries and requests, and for any communications requests for President Taylor or the Communications Department, please email Additionally, media requests or partnerships can be DM’ed to @unc_executivebranch on Instagram.

Jakob Williams (he/him)

Undergraduate Secretary and Chief Communications Officer ||

Jakob Williams is from Franklin, North Carolina and is a junior majoring in Political Science and Dramatic Arts with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. Jakob is also involved as an Agora Fellow for the UNC Program for Public Discourse and serves as the student representative for the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office Policy Advisory Group. Previously, Jakob served as the Executive Manager in the Office of the Student Body President during the Everett Administration. This past spring, Jakob was awarded the Undergraduate Student Government Medal of Excellence, which is the second-highest honor awarded to students who exhibited service and dedication to the betterment of the university. Through his commitment to advocacy and leadership, Jakob aspires to foster a secure and inclusive environment for all.

Jasmine Teague (she/her)

Deputy Communications Officer ||

Jasmine Teague, a sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee, is pursuing a double major in Political Science and Information Science, with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). She is actively involved with the UNC Political Science Research Team, where she works under the supervision of Professor Truel to analyze political campaigns and assess the honesty of politicians for the upcoming election. Jasmine is also dedicated to enacting positive change and improving the UNC community through her involvement in various campus initiatives and student organizations. This past summer, she dedicated two weeks to wildlife conservation efforts in Tanzania, driven by her intense passion for preserving ecosystems and wildlife.