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The Vann Administration’s Office of State and External Affairs (SEA) focuses on how external changes at the local, state, federal, and international levels impact all UNC students through policy analysis and project management. Even though individual students are at Carolina temporarily, SEA believes the presence of the student body is a permanent fixture that can contribute positively to the broader Chapel Hill community. The Vann Administration will fight to ensure that students are equipped to connect with public officials and will develop relationships with prominent representatives to effectively lobby for student needs.

Meetings of the Department of State and External Affairs are currently held every Tuesday at 6:30 on Zoom. You can join the Zoom here, and access all SEA open meeting minutes here.

For all SEA inquiries, please contact

Rayna Young (she/her)

Director of State and External Affairs ||

Rayna is a senior from Raleigh, NC studying Political Science and American Studies. During her time at UNC, Rayna has participated in the NC Fellows Program, and previously served as President of Ignite UNC and Community Service Chair of the UNC NAACP. Rayna is a Buckley Public Service Scholar who volunteers regularly with the Compass Center and is a 3-time recipient of the Renwick Academic Achievement Award.

Jessica Igollo-Ogele (she/her)

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs ||

Jessica Igollo-Ogele is a sophomore from Spartanburg, SC who is majoring in Psychology in hopes of going to law school. She is a member of Honors Carolina and is passionate about social justice and politics. This will be her second year being involved in Student Government.

Maryam Khan (she/her)

Associate Director of State and External Affairs ||

Maryam Khan is a current junior majoring in Political Science and Religion with a minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. She is a Loudoun County, Virginia native, where she has closely worked with local government officials to help foster community growth.