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The Office of State and External Affairs hopes to foster a close connection between UNC and the surrounding Chapel Hill community, as well as on a state, federal, and international level. The office aims to further connections between the student body and policy making institutions holding accessibility and inclusivity in highest regard.

The department’s priorities include:

  1. Work with the intention of ensuring things are inclusive and accessible for UNC students
  2. Engage with the student body in order to obtain a consensus on issues related to policy on a state, local, federal, and international level. 
  3. Take a student delegation to Washington DC in order to advocate for issues directly impacting students, speaking to the NC representatives. In the past this included advocating for student mental helath and raising awareness for accessibility issues on campus. 
  4. Hold a Lobbying workshop. The goal of holding a lobbying workshop would be to help students understand the relationship between lobbying and policy, from more than a political perspective.
  5. Work with local institutions that impact students to build and foster positive connections. 

Meetings of the Office of the State and External Affairs are held on Wednesdays at 1PM, on Zoom.

For all SEA inquiries, please contact

Maryam Khan (she/her)

Director of State and External Affairs ||

Maryam Khan is a senior majoring in Political Science and Religion with a minor in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. This is her second year in Student Government, specifically within the Office of State and External Affairs. She is a rural Loudoun County, Virginia native, where she has closely worked with local government officials to help foster community growth.

Ryan S. Kalo (they/he/she)

Deputy Director of State and Local Relations ||

Ryan is a junior studying religious studies and linguistics with a minor in cognitive science. They are currently the Philanthropic Speaker in the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies and are interested in the intersection of language, culture and how insights from their study can better inform legislation.

Zuha Animashaun (she/her)

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs ||

Zuha is a junior majoring in Political Science and Journalism with a minor in French. Zuha’s work during her time at Carolina includes a summer with the Education Empowerment Department of the Louisville Urban League, as well as serving as a committee member for the Carolina Union and Activities Board.

Emma Horvath (she/her)

Deputy Director of Chapel Hill Town and Community Relations ||

Emma is a sophomore from Arlington, Virginia, majoring in English and Comparative Literature and Political Science. This is her second year participating in the Executive Branch of Student Government, and she is passionate about exploring how writing and community outreach play a critical role in public advocacy and promoting the interests of the student body.