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Meet Nina

Nina Dakoriya (she/her/hers),

Nina Dakoriya serves as the Director of State and External Affairs on the Executive Board of the Richards Administration.

Nina is a senior from Greensboro, NC double majoring in Business Administration and Political Science. On campus, she previously served as the Director of Chapel Hill Town and Community Relations within State and External Affairs, as the Executive Social Justice Director of the Residence Hall Association, and as the Advocacy Chair of Partners-in-Health-Engage.

Nina’s goals for the year include increasing diversity within Student Government, developing strong platforms to amplify student voices at the political level, and spearheading projects that improve accessibility for all students. Moreover, she looks forward to expanding upon SEA’s policy and data initiatives in order to proactively meet student needs in a more efficient and effective manner. She is especially interested working at the intersection of the public and private sectors to generate a meaningful impact and am passionate about civic engagement, economic empowerment, and social advocacy.

Office Description

State and External Affairs will focus on how external changes at all levels impact UNC students. Even though individual students are at Carolina temporarily, the presence of our student body is a permanent fixture that can contribute positively to the broader Chapel Hill community. The Moseley Administration will fight to ensure that students are equipped to connect with and lobby local, state, and national officials. Additionally, we believe that graduate students deserve dedicated representation on the Board of Governors and will advocate for a seat for the Graduate and Professional Student Federation President.

Office Goals for the Richards Administration

Establish a Mayor’s Advisory Council

  • There has been a sense of disengagement between UNC and the external community of Chapel Hill for years, and the Moseley Administration will continue the work of the Martin Administration to push for a more inclusive, transparent, and communicative environment throughout the community by establishing a Mayor’s Advisory Council.

Ensure SEA Members are Present at Chapel Hill Town Council Meetings

  • In addition to remaining in close contact with the mayor, it is vital that UNC students are part of the decision process during Town Council meetings. These are an important public forum where Council members and residents of Chapel Hill voice their concerns and think through policy changes.

Improve Student Relations with State Officials

  • Through the Director of Lobbying, State and External Affairs in the Martin Administration works to maintain contacts with state officials. The Moseley Administration hopes to broaden and deepen these connections to champion the student voice.

Advocate for Graduate Student Representation on the Board of Trustees

  • Graduate and professional students are not adequately advocated for on the Board of Trustees, but the Moseley Administration will push for the Graduate and Professional Student Federation President to have a seat at the table.

Create a “Rate My Landlord” System

  • As many UNC students live off campus, it is important to promote safety for students and accountability for landlords. The Moseley Administration will work to create a website that allows students to rate landlords and property management companies across multiple dimensions.