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Meet Aashna

Aashna Shukla (she/her/hers),

Aashna Shukla serves as the Undergraduate Treasurer on the Executive Board of the Richards Administration.

Aashna is a senior from Cary, NC majoring in Environmental Health Sciences and Biochemistry. On campus, she is involved with Computer Science + Social Good as their Vice President. Aashna is interested in water quality research with a focus on pharmaceutical contamination in drinking water, aiming to make water treatment processes more equitable across the state. She previously served as the Finance Chair of the 102nd Undergraduate Senate where she oversaw the USG funding allocation process.

Aashna‘s goals for this upcoming year are to increase tuition and fee transparency, ensure equitable access to USG funding for registered student organizations, and prioritize affordability for students.

Meet Sooyeon

Sooyeon Oh,

Sooyeon Oh serves as an Executive Assistant to the Treasurer as part of the Richards Administration’s Office of the Treasurer.

Sooyeon is a senior from Seoul, Republic of Korea majoring in Statistics and Analytics with minors in Neuroscience and Education. She previously served as the Legislative Assistant of the 102nd Undergraduate Senate where she assisted the Finance Chair on overseeing the USG funding allocation process and writing bills according to the requests.

Sooyeon’s goals for this upcoming year are:

  1. To assist the Undergraduate Treasurer on ensuring the transparency of tuition and fee
  2. To allocate fundings to support registered student organizations
  3. To work on projects that could further develop the funding processes easier
  4. To increase diversity by allocating funds to promote different types of events on campus.