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Meet Collyn

Collyn Smith (he/they),

Collyn Smith serves as the Undergraduate Vice President on the Executive Board of the Richards Administration.

Collyn is a senior from Barbecue, NC majoring in Public Policy with minors in Education and Social & Economic Justice. Outside of student government, he is involved on campus with the UNC Marching Tar Heels and New Student & Family Programs.

From the moment Collyn joined student government, he has taken a bold student-centered approach to advocacy. Having previously served as an Undergraduate Senator, the Joint Governance Council Member-At-Large, Commissioner on the Commission on Campus Equality and Student Equity, and chair of the Affordability Committee, his work has been committed to bettering the experiences of marginalized students. Through the role of Vice President Collyn hopes to continue working on projects that create a more inclusive and accessible for low-income, first generation, and rural students while ensuring he carries out the other various duties of the office of Vice President.

“In the past, the Office of the Vice President has been relatively non-visible and I hope to change this. Coming into student government I promised to be a direct advocate for the needs of students and be a leader who is not a voice for students but instead one who uplifts others voices and gives them a platform to speak from. As Vice President, I am committed to continuing this approach while ensuring that I use my role and my office to be a more visible presence supporting student led advocacy. Change is not possible in the hands of one person; instead, change happens when we fight as a collective.”