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Hardship Parking provides a process for students with extenuating circumstances and transportation demands that cannot be met through student lottery registration and available commuting options. Limited hardship parking permits are available to qualifying students. Applicants are not guaranteed a parking permit. Students who receive parking spots through the hardship process must pay the student permit price.  



Lottery Registration: July 3rd-12th students must apply through the lottery before they apply to hardship. The hardship application will ask students whether they applied to the lottery. Please apply to the lottery first to ensure your application is considered.  

General parking application

Round 1 Hardship Applications Open July 12, close July 21  

Round 2 Hardship Applications open July 22nd and close August 4th  


Qualifications for Consideration  

There are two rounds of applications, but the grading criteria remain the same, it is not first come first serve, however the sooner an application is submitted the faster the applicant will get an update on whether they will receive parking. Apply early!  


Qualifying Circumstances

-Family Obligations  

-Internship or Clinical Requirements  

-Significant extracurricular involvement  

More Information – Review Transportation and Parking Website Here

Contact the hardship team directly at:  

Contact the Undergraduate VP’s Office with any undergraduate specific concerns:  


Students requesting parking and transportation based on Medical Mobility issues should view the Accessibility and Accommodations page for additional information.