Meet Nick.

Nick Sengstaken,

Nick Sengstaken serves as the Undergraduate Chief of Staff on the Executive Board of the Martin Administration.

He is a senior originally from Hollis, New Hampshire and studies music (BM), political science and public policy. Prior to becoming Chief of Staff, Nick served as co-chair for the Undergraduate Executive Branch Affordability Committee alongside Carter Vilim, as well as Vice Chair and College Affordability Campaign Coordinator for NCPIRG’s UNC Chapter. During his time at Carolina, Nick has been a driving force for affordability measures on campus, most notably being integral in the creation of the joint Textbook Affordability pledge between the Undergraduate Executive Branch and NCPIRG which has now become the most successful of its kind in the United States.

Outside of student government, Nick enjoys playing jazz saxophone and composition.

Meet Austin.

Austin Snyder,

Austin Snyder serves as the Undergraduate Deputy Chief of Staff of the Martin Administration.

He is a sophomore originally from Cary, North Carolina and studies environmental science, computer science, and physics. Prior to becoming Deputy Chief of Staff, Austin served on the First-Year Focus Council. He also serves on the Student Technology Advisory Board, Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee, and Classrooms Modernization Advisory Group with the goals of facilitating accessibility in education at Carolina and augmenting avenues of student learning.

Outside of Student Government, he is involved with the United Solar Initiative, Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee, and Computer Science + Social Good. In his free time, Austin enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and catching up on the mountain of Disney movies he never watched as a kid.



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