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Distinguished Lectureship on Racial Equity and Belonging

As the oldest public university in the country, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill inherited a large responsibility to offer renowned scholarship and education both within and outside of North Carolina. Carolina also inherited a large, pivotal role to continuously offer quality educational and enriching experiences to generations of students. While the University has continuously made progress in academic scholarship, we still fight each day to grapple with a colorful past centering around racial equity, belonging, and marginalized identities. 

Knowing this, our University must also accept the challenge of combating racism, discrimination, and prejudice through educating the Carolina community to this end. The Distinguished Lectureship on Racial Equity and Belonging will bring a scholar to Carolina each year to give a comprehensive lecture tied to a racial equity and/or belonging-centered theme for that year. The lecturer must be an expert in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion and must bring forward both life experiences and renowned scholarship.

Open to the entire student body, faculty, and staff, the lecture will serve as a way to both ensure that Carolina is rigorously pursuing equity and inclusion, but is also committed to educating the Carolina community and confronting its past as it relates to racial equity and inclusion.

Distinguished Lectureship Search Committee

The Distinguished Lecture Selection Committee shall convene, at the request of the Student Body President, to review nominations and applications submitted for the lectureship. The Committee shall be Chaired by the Student Body President, who will also serve as an Ex-Officio non-voting member of the Selection Committee.

The Committee shall be comprised of the following individuals:

  • President of Undergraduate Student Government
  • President of Graduate and Professional Student Government
  • Two (2) External Appointments of the Undergraduate President
  • One (1) External Appointment of the Graduate & Professional President
  • One (1) Appointment by the Chancellor
  • One (1) Appointment by the Chair of Faculty Governance Council
  • One (1) Representative from the Commission on History, Race, and A Way Forward
  • University’s Chief Diversity Officer

The Student Body President is allowed to put forward up to two (2) names for consideration of the committee.