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Mobilizing the Student Body for 2020 Elections

  • The next Student Body President will serve during a critical presidential election, but must also recognize the importance of local and state offices. To drive change at all levels, student voters need to be informed and engaged in the political process. The Moseley Administration will ensure that students are not only registered to vote, but also feel prepared to do so.

Fostering Connectivity and Representation for Graduate and Professional Students

  • The graduate and professional student population deserves proportional representation on committees and boards across the university, including a spot for the GPSF President on the Board of Trustees. The Moseley Administration will also advocate for a better transportation system and more on-campus housing options for graduate and professional students.

Protecting and Partnering with Student Activists

  • The Carolina legacy is built upon the shoulders of brave student activists. Committees in the Moseley Administration will actively establish or maintain relationships with campus leaders and activists working on similar issues—identifying synergies, bringing issues to UNC’s administration, and increasing membership on Executive Branch committees.

Raising Awareness of and Continuing to Combat Sexual Assault

  • According to the sobering statistics from the 2019 AAU Campus Climate Survey, sexual assault is far too prevalent at UNC. Furthermore, over 80% of the students who experienced sexual assault did not contact a resource or program. We believe that combatting sexual assault is one of the most pressing needs, and we will work through multiple channels to achieve this goal.

Supporting Marginalized Communities

  • The Moseley Administration will work not only to increase access to resources, but also acknowledge and dismantle the implicit bias and institutionalized racism that permeate UNC and its surrounding community. We will also fight for a dedicated space for Asian American students, support undocumented students, and work for the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ students.

Promoting Transparency of Student Government to Every Facet of the Student Body

  • Previous administrations have worked to increase awareness of Student Government, yet many in the UNC community remain unsure of exactly what Student Government does. The Moseley Administration is committed to establishing effective and open two-way communication with the UNC community and providing regular comprehensive updates on all platform goals.

Increasing Mental Health Awareness and Continuing Advocacy

  • The Moseley Administration will continue efforts to expand mental health resources, including transportation to off-campus appointments, funding for CAPS, and support of the Peer-Based Support Network led by Mental Health Ambassadors. Through an intersectionality in mental health conference, we will increase our focus on marginalized and underserved students.