Meet Malin.

Malin Curry,

Malin serves as the Undergraduate Secretary on the Executive Board of the Martin Administration.

He is a senior from Charlotte, NC studying Political Science and Public Relations with a minor in English. When he’s not in Student Government, he can be found working as a writing coach in the Writing Center, giving tours to prospective students as an Admissions Ambassador and hosting events for the class of 2020 as a Senior Marshal. Prior to becoming the Undergraduate Secretary, he served as the co-chair of the Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Outreach Committee (MADO) of the Executive Branch of Student Government and worked to advocate on behalf of marginalized students. He is excited to continue advocating for students as the Undergraduate Secretary.

In his free time, he enjoys reading postmodern literature, watching reality TV, and going on late-night Cook Out runs.

Malin serves as the primary contact for the organization. To contact him, click here.



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