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Senior Advisor Tadikonda Speaks to NC Fellows Program Regarding Student Wellness at Carolina

April 21, 2021

On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Senior Advisor to Student Body President Lamar Richards and former Student Safety and Wellness Co-Chair Ananya Tadikonda met with the NC Fellows program.

The North Carolina Fellows Program is a three-year cohort-based leadership program housed in the Office of Student Life and Leadership, and has been present on the UNC–Chapel Hill campus since 1968. The mission of the North Carolina Fellows Program is to reimagine traditional understandings of leadership by engaging in meaningful dialogue, creating a supportive community, increasing self-awareness amongst its members, and encouraging positive change.

Tadikonda spoke with members and stakeholders of the NC Fellows community regarding her intentional work in the student wellness space at the University. She shared her experiences advocating for a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to be applied and leveraged at CAPS and at Campus Health, specifically as it relates to cultivating positive experiences for students from marginalized backgrounds at these institutions.

Additionally, Tadikonda discussed her perspectives on accountability for equity at the University-wide level, as well as practicing self-care as advocates at Carolina.

She is excited to have met current and future co-advocates in this work at Carolina, and looks forward to continued dialogue relating to these areas with the NC Fellows Program and others who share this wider vision, as part of the Richards Administration’s vision to continue forward-moving, positive social change for all Carolina students – not just some.

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