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Office of the Student Body President and Undergraduate President

Suite 3109 Frank Porter Graham Student Union

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

To:     Alayna Powell, Undergraduate Senate Speaker

           Maya Logan, Speaker Pro Temp, Undergraduate Senate 

           Samuel Robinson, Rules and Judiciary Committee, Undergraduate Senate

           Claudia Opper, Chair, Undergraduate Honor Court

           Tate Rosenblatt, Undergraduate Attorney General

           Quintyn Bobb, Outreach Coordinator, Undergraduate Honor Court

CC:    Keisha Solanki, Chief of Staff, Undergraduate Student Government

            Brandon Bedell, Nominee, Undergraduate Honor Court Chair

            Katie Leonard, Nominee, Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator

From:  Lamar Richards, Student Body President and Undergraduate Student Government President

Date:   Thursday, April 15, 2021 

Subj:    Presidential Nominees for Attorney General, Honor Court Chair, and Honor System Outreach Coordinator 

Dear Speaker Powell and Senate Leadership,

Upon receiving coordinated feedback from the selection committee(s) commissioned to select the: Undergraduate Attorney General, Undergraduate Honor Court Chair, and the Honor System Outreach Coordinator, I commenced my official review for my nominations for the Judicial System. As per the code, Article III, Section 220:

Resolutions to confirm the following undergraduate positions shall be referred to the Rules and Judiciary Committee and shall require two-thirds (2/3) approval of the full Undergraduate Senate before such individuals are confirmed: Undergraduate Student Attorney General, Undergraduate Student Solicitor General, Undergraduate Honor Court, undergraduate Justices to the Student Supreme Court, Undergraduate Deputy Student Attorney Generals, and Undergraduate Student Honor Court Vice Chairs.

I have been exceedingly pleased with the process carried out by the respective selection committees, led by the outgoing Attorney General, outgoing Honor Court Chair, and outgoing Honor System Outreach Coordinator. I have complete faith in the nominees placed before me for consideration and therefore, I have chosen to proceed with the official nomination process. 

As such, utilizing the power delegated to me in the Student Government Constitution, Joint Code, and Undergraduate Code, I make, formally, the following nominations to the Undergraduate Senate for their approval and further confirmation:

Attorney General: Quintyn Bobb

Honor Court Chair: Brandon Bedell

Outreach Coordinator: Katie Leonard

Thank you for your consideration of this. 

Yours for Carolina,

Lamar Richards

Student Body President

Undergraduate Student Government President 

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