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The Office of the Chief of Staff in the Everett Administration is dedicated to supporting the executive branch’s effective functioning. The Chief of Staff’s mission is to ensure seamless coordination among various branches, facilitate internal communication, and provide strategic assistance to the President and executive leaders. The Office of the Chief of Staff aims to work diligently to uphold the administration’s vision, foster collaboration, and serve as a vital link between the student government and the broader UNC community.

The department’s priorities include:

  1. Supporting Basic Needs Initiatives and Efforts on Campus. The Office of the Chief of Staff is working with Student Affairs and the Office of Student Aid and Scholarships to create a robust network of food pantries and lobby for a central location in the union while also working to develop a center for basic needs that aims to promote financial literacy and wellbeing.
  2. Promoting safe and healthy public discourse. The Office of the Chief of Staff aims to partner with the UNC Program for Public Discourse, among others, to develop programming meant to promote a culture of positive conversation in response to disagreement and opposition.
  3. Supporting the needs and aims of the UNC Executive Branch Cabinet. The Office of the Chief of Staff aims to support all functions of the Cabinet and its Co-Directors as a first priority in order to increase student engagement and support the UNC Student body.
  4. Developing and facilitating Leadership Development Opportunities. The Office of the Chief of Staff aims to conduct leadership development training and discussions to promote collaborative and effective leadership with the intention of inspiring other students to step into various leadership positions in and outside of UNC Student Government.
  5. Coordinating Executive Branch Operations to build a more responsive Student Government. The Office of the Chief of Staff aims to work closely with the UNC Executive Branch Officers to streamline advocacy efforts on behalf of the UNC Student Body while creating a true culture of care and uplift.

Meetings of the Office of the Undergraduate Chief of Staff are held on Mondays from 6-8 PM in various locations, most often in the student government suite. Please reach out to CoS Williams if you’re interested in attending a meeting.


Christopher Lee Williams (he/him)

Undergraduate Chief of Staff ||

Christopher is a junior majoring in Peace, War, and Defense with double minors in Entrepreneurship and Conflict Management. Throughout his time at UNC, Christopher has been active in UNC Student Government and the Association of Student Governments, the UNC Program for Public Discourse as an Agora Fellow, and served as an intern in the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs.

Sedrick Brown (he/him)

Organizational Treasurer ||

Sedrick is a junior double majoring in Public Policy and Economics. Over the course of his time on campus, he has served as the 55th Treasurer of the Black Student Movement, member of the Carolina Student Union Board of Directors, and as a senator in the 103rd Undergraduate Senate.