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Meet Keisha

Keisha Solanki (she/her/hers),

Keisha Solanki serves as the Undergraduate Chief of Staff on the Executive Board of the Richards Administration.

Keisha is a junior from Cary, NC double majoring in Statistics and Analytics and Economics with a minor in Business Administration. On campus, she is involved with the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO) and is the Secretary of Carolina Analytics and Data Science (CADS). She has been involved in the Executive Branch for the past two years and has worked within the Chief of Staff’s Office.

Keisha’s goals for the upcoming year are to efficiently and effectively work to achieve the goals in the platform, foster a culture within the Branch that prioritizes equity, create opportunities of multidimensional growth for Branch members, and strength our connection with campus and community partners as we move away from a virtual setting.

Meet Stone

William “Stone” Watson,

Stone Watson serves as an Undergraduate Deputy Chief of Staff as part of the Richards Administration’s Office of the Chief of Staff.

Stone is a junior from Morehead City, NC majoring in Political Science and Human Development and Family Studies. Stone is an Orientation Leader through New Student and Family Programs, has served on the Academic Affairs Committee for the Moseley Administration, and is a fellow for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Stone’s goals for this upcoming year are to foster a better sense of community in the Executive Branch and, by creating this environment, allowing for more work to be achieved! He is excited to serve as a liaison and voice for the Richards Administration Platform. He also hopes to improve the communication outlets of Student Government to the student body.

Meet Shamar

Shamar Wilson,

Shamar Wilson serves as an Undergraduate Deputy Chief of Staff as part of the Richards Administration’s Office of the Chief of Staff.

Shamar is a sophomore from Pittsboro, NC pursuing a BSPH in Health Policy and Management. Through his experience working as a certified nursing assistant in various healthcare settings, he has seen how topics from the classroom affect the communities he’s studying. Specifically, Shamar has seen how health disparities such as socioeconomic status affect access to quality healthcare which has driven his involvement with his county health department’s organization, the Chatham Health Alliance. In terms of campus involvement, Shamar is involved with AED (a national pre-health honor society), BSM (the black student movement), the Executive Branch of Student Government (where he previously served as an executive assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Moseley Administration), and HHIVE lab.

Shamar’s goals for the year are to promote connectivity within the Office of Chief of Staff, through creating a collaborative and comfortable environment, and to promote greater collaboration within the executive branch through improved efforts of communication and departmental collaboration.