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Photo courtesy of Hanna Wondmagegn

Lamar Richards (he/him)

Student Body President, Undergraduate Student Government President ||

A 2019 United States RR’ Presidential Scholar, Lamar is currently studying in a rigorous Psychology and Public Policy curriculum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he is specializing in Organizational Leadership and Higher Education Policy. He also has served as the Chair of the Commission on Campus Equality & Student Equity, where he worked to ensure a more enriched academic experience for marginalized minority students. Lamar is an advisory board member of the National Society of Black Engineers, Student Division and was recently appointed to the National Council on Undergraduate Research.

After being recognized by the South Carolina Legislature (Senate and House of Representatives) twice for his outstanding achievements and personal gains, Lamar has since worked in multiple nationally-recognized research labs including the Cell and Molecular Biology Lab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pittsburgh, PA), the Theoretical Physics and Astronomy Lab at the University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC), and the General Physics Lab at Midlands Technical College (Columbia, SC). He has presented his works, publications, and thoughts at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (Atlanta, 2018), South Carolina Academy of Science (Columbia, 2018), Louisiana Undergraduate Research Conference (Baton Rouge, 2018), and the South Carolina Legislative Research Breakfast (Columbia, 2019).

Molly Dorgan (she/her)

Undergraduate Co-Director of Institutional Research and Assessment  ||

Molly is a sophomore from Waynesville, NC majoring in Sociology with a minor in Data Science. Outside of student government, she is currently serving as a DEI Fellow in the University’s office and plays on the Women’s Rugby team.

Molly’s goals for the upcoming year focus on leveraging data to close gaps between the Undergraduate Executive Branch and student body. She is passionate about combatting biases in data collection against BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled students and wants to use her position to advocate for inclusive, private, and equitable data analysis within Executive processes.